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    How IP Industry Influences the ESG Development
    Date: 16.04.2024

    How IP Industry Influences the ESG Development

    How IP Industry Influences the ESG Development

    In society Nowadays, sustainable development has become an inevitable choice for the development of enterprises. As an increasingly vigorous emerging industry, all enterprises in IP industry should actively practice the concept of sustainable development. This article will analyze how the licensing industry can contribute to and benefit from sustainable development from various aspects.

    .Use Brand Influence to Deliver the Message of Environmental Protection

    The licensing industry has now become a mainstay industry, and various IP images are rooted in people's hearts and affect public consumption. Brands and enterprises can use their influence to pass on and promote the environmental protection concept of sustainable development to the society, and arouse more people's awareness of environmental protection, and realize the great significance of choosing green environmental protection products for individuals and the whole human society.

    Sustainable development is a process that requires cooperation between IP industry enterprises and all sectors of society to form a cohesive force. Through extensive social cooperation, we can jointly push forward the sustainable development agenda, promote knowledge sharing, resource integration and innovation cooperation, and inject more impetus into sustainable development. Such cooperation can not only accelerate the process of sustainable development, but also enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and achieve win-win results.

    .Sustainable Supply Chain

    In respect of sustainable supply chain, enterprises of authorization business should actively communicate the Group's sustainability policy to suppliers, contractors and business partners to ensure that every link of the supply chain complies with the requirements of sustainable development. At the same time, priority should be given to environmentally and socially responsible suppliers to ensure the sustainability of their products at the source.

    In terms of product design, we should also pay attention to environmental protection and innovation, and apply more innovative and environmentally friendly materials to meet consumers' expectations for green products. In addition, the packaging of products should also follow the principle of recyclability to maximize the utilization of resources. In the end, enterprises should also increase the transparency of the product supply chain, and always make public implementation reports.

    .Empower Companies to Implement Several Benefits of Sustainability

    Empowering companies to implement sustainability not only helps enhance their brand image, but can also bring tangible economic benefits. By implementing sustainability strategies, companies can gain more opportunities for green business partnerships and increase their business and customer base. At the same time, consumers also show a higher inclination towards the products of sustainable enterprises and are willing to pay more to support these products. In addition, sustainable development can enhance the loyalty of employees and customers, and create a more stable development environment for enterprises.

    Implementing sustainability can also increase consumer goodwill towards the product. In addition to the price factor, more and more consumers will further consider the impact of the product on the environment in the process of purchasing. Having highly green environmental protection products will help enterprises and brands build a good image, improve the sales of enterprises and consumer loyalty.

    . Difficulties and Challenges in the Process of Implementation

    However, empowering enterprises to implement sustainable development also faces some difficulties and challenges. The cost of staff training and education, the additional production capital generated by technology upgrades, and the selection of sustainable supply chains all require consideration and addressing.

    At the same time, corporate governance is one of the keys to achieving the goal of sustainable development. We need to develop specific and feasible strategies and targets, as well as monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to ensure the effectiveness of sustainable development implementation.

    In addition, it is crucial to provide adequate support for the development of sustainable services for employees. Only when employees are fully aware of the importance of sustainable development and actively participate in it can enterprises truly achieve sustainable development goals.

    . Sustainability Affects Corporate Innovation in the licensing Industry

    It is worth mentioning that sustainable development also has a profound impact on the innovation of licensed enterprises. By promoting digitalization and technological innovation, we can improve production efficiency, save energy, improve production processes, etc., while achieving the sustainable development goals, we also create more competitive products and services for enterprises. For example, we can use technological means such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis to optimize supply chain management, improve product quality and reduce production costs.

    . Cases of Green Products in IP Industry

    In practice, there have been a number of licensed companies that have successfully implemented sustainable development projects. For example, the Monopoly Go Green series promotes sustainability among players through innovative design and the use of environmentally friendly materials, introducing concepts such as renewable energy, and using these concepts to build a green world. This version of the game mechanics eschews the monopolistic aims of the past, forcing players to think less about their own interests and more about global structural problems. Players can buy, sell and trade green property, make sustainable choices, collect and increase rent to build wooden greenhouses, and invest in renewable energy sources such as solar power stations and wind farms.

    In addition, the mooncake box packaging is also designed with a recyclable design concept, which meets the needs of consumers and maximizes the use of resources. These successful cases not only provide experience for other companies to learn from, but also further prove the importance of sustainable development for licensed enterprises.


    In conclusion, to achieve sustainable development, enterprises of IP industry need to actively take action. All parties need to strengthen social cooperation, promote the construction of sustainable supply chains, and overcome various difficulties and challenges. At the same time, it is also necessary to focus on innovation and use emerging technologies to promote the process of sustainable development. Only in this way can we truly achieve the goal of sustainable development and create a better future for human society.

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