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    Green gifts

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    Reusable Natural Beeswax Food Wraps 3-Pack
    Cork Wireless Charging Phone Holder
    Wheat Straw Webcam Cover
    Washed Kraft Paper Double Wine Bag
    PET Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
    PET Power Bank

    PET Power Bank


    Eco-friendly Wheat Straw Power Bank 10000mah
    Eco-friendly Bamboo Wireless Charger
    Bamboo HUB Type C and USB Input
    Bamboo Ballpoint Pen

    Bamboo Ballpoint Pen


    Vintage Dupont Paper Backpack
    No-sharpen Metal Pencil
    Fruit and Vegetable Drawstring Cotton Bag
    Espresso Cup 60ml + Saucer Set
    Easy-to-Clean Wash Kraft Paper Travel Backpack
    Coffee Grounds Coffee Cup 350ml
    Coffee Grounds Coaster
    Wooden Desk Organization Set of 6
    MousePad Wireless Charger With LED Logo
    Dupont Paper Shopping Bag
    Coffee Grounds Zipper Bag
    T-shirt Style BagStyle Bag
    Roll Top Canvas Backpack
    Organic Recyled Cotton Shopper Bag
    Canvas Shoulder Vintage Messenger Bag
    Canvas Lunch Bag

    Canvas Lunch Bag


    Bamboo Cable 6-in-1 60w Box Set
    Waterproof Tyvek DuPont Paper Lunch Cooler Bag
    Outdoor LED Light Power Bank 10000mAh
    Showing 1 to 36 of 198 (6 Pages)

    Green gifts

    Want to give stylish branded gifts that your clients will love while still caring about the environment? Look no further than GiftU and our innovative green eco gifts.

    Your company image and value will be enhanced due to your concern about environment, but giving green gifts is about more than just showing your brand cares about sustainability. Many eco gifts can help your customers to be more environmentally conscious themselves, helping to save the world and boosting their self-image.

    Check out some best-selling green gift ideas from our extensive catalogue to get you and your clients on your way to a happier (and greener) life.

    Our Most Popular Eco Gifts

    Husk-ware is one of the hottest green gifts from our collection. We offer many products made from the durable, recycled and fully biodegradable corn material. You can select from many different kitchen gifts such as rice husk fiber lunch boxes, kid tableware, complete dinner sets and cutting boards.

    We can emboss or laser engrave your company logo onto these items and more. And with personalized logo and packaging, environmentally-friendly husk-ware makes the perfect choice for a custom green eco gift to boost your brand.

    If you’re keen to explore other options, we also offer many other options for eco gifts like wooden cutlery and tableware, bamboo fiber trays and cutting boards and solar-powered chargers, torches and speakers. Our selection of re-usable products includes portable cutlery, various eco-friendly coffee cups and stainless steel drinking straws.

    Our wide range of shopping bags includes gold, laminating or silver foil, non-woven, heat transfer, foldable and canvas versions. This gift is perfect for those who want to cut down on single-use plastic bags and a great way to display your brand name.

    Invest in green eco gifts for your clients and know you’re contributing to the health of the planet – and your clients. Check out our vast range online today.

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